BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 CALSCALE:GREGORIAN PRODID:adamgibbons/ics METHOD:PUBLISH X-PUBLISHED-TTL:PT1H BEGIN:VEVENT UID:lORzosTkPZw7p3OoNkEWR SUMMARY:Guided tour of the exhibition “VOTE: A European story. Ten election s that shaped our world” DTSTAMP:20240526T202548Z DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20240504 DESCRIPTION:For Europe Day\, the European Parliament is organising a variet y of activities including guided tours of the exhibition “VOTE: A European story. Ten elections that shaped our world”. Curated by the Jean Monnet H ouse\, this exhibition explores the unfolding of supranational democracy i n Europe.\n\nIn June 2024\, citizens from all European Union Member States will be called to elect their representatives to the European Parliament. It will be the 10th time such elections have been held since the first di rect election to the European Parliament in 1979. It is therefore a fittin g occasion to reflect on how Europe’s supranational democracy has unfolded \, from the origins of democratic participation on the continent to the st ep-by-step building of a true European polity. This time travel is not jus t an opportunity to get acquainted with things past\, but also a way of he lping you make an informed choice at the polling station! Democracy is vit al\; your say is crucial.\n\nThe guided tours will take place every hour\, starting from 11am to 4pm and will be available both in French and Englis h. Check the website of the European Parliament with the Europe Day 2024 p rogramme for more information. URL: urope-day-program.pdf LOCATION:offline ORGANIZER;CN=European Parliament END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR