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Critical History Study Guide: Adapting history education to the challenges of today’s digitized, globalized, and diverse societies in Europe

Publication by: Susanne Popp, Mare Oja, Joanna Wojdon, Miljenko Hajdarovic, EuroClio


Publication type

Book (Monography, Handbook or Edited volume)

Language of publication

English, Spanish, Estonian, Polish, German

Abstract of the publication

The Study Guide is aimed at students at teacher trainer colleges, as well as practicing history teachers. It contains four main chapters, each with accompanying teaching practices: Cultural heritage in history education (Dr. Mare Oja, Tallinn University); Public history and history education (Prof. Joanna Wojdon, Wroclaw University); Global perspectives of history education: global history, world history, big history, the anthropocene, and post-colonial history (Prof. Susanne Popp, Augsburg University); and The role and influence of the internet in history education (Miljenko Hajdarović / EuroClio)

Thematic focus

Global History

Other Approaches

Transnational History

Social History

Environmental History

Art History

Cultural History

Research on History Education

Secondary Schools

Teacher Training

Primary Schools

Other Forms of History Education

History Didactics / Teaching Practices

Multi-Perspectivity in History Teaching

Resources and Learning Materials for History Education