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Call for Projects for the European Innovation Days in History Education 2024

Main stakeholder

Council of Europe and European Union


Application Deadline

15 December 2023






HISTOLAB is seeking to spotlight original and innovative projects in learning history from teachers, students, practitioners, researchers, museum experts, as well as early career researchers and professionals for the next European Innovations Days in History education. Innovative ways of teaching history rooted in the principle of multiperspectivity can bring together stories and communities and empower us to examine our shared past. It is evident that the need for innovation in history teaching reaches beyond academia and connects directly with teachers and students. HISTOLAB is organising the second edition of the European Innovation Days in History Education and launches a call for ideas and projects to bring together teachers and other practitioners such as: academics; researchers; junior professionals; as well as students all in the field of history education If your idea or project is chosen for the event, you will be invited to participate in the Innovation Days that are set to take place in the Palais de l’Europe on 3-5 April 2024, in Strasbourg, France. Your ideas and projects should be in line with the values promoted by the Council of Europe and can, but not only, be inspired by the following questions: How can history education amplify underrepresented or marginalised stories? How can local history be connected to wider historical events on a European or global level? How can new technology and digitalisation be used in history education? How can museums and places of remembrance enrich the learning of history? Read more at: https://histolab.coe.int/newsroom/innovation-days-2024

How to apply

Follow the instructions at https://histolab.coe.int/newsroom/innovation-days-2024

Thematic focus

Art History

Cultural History

Economic History

Environmental History

Gender History

Global History

Intellectual History

Local History


Military History

Political History

Transnational History

Social History

Other Approaches


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