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IHRA Grant Program

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IHRA - International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance


Application Deadline

29 September 2023






The IHRA Grant Program co-funds innovative, relevant, and impactful projects with a clear international component that: Safeguard the record of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma (Program 1), or Counter distortion (Program 2) Projects that receive IHRA funding also have access to the wealth of IHRA expertise, tools, and guidance which have been developed since the IHRA’s establishment in 1998. Organizations from anywhere in the world can apply. However, given the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the IHRA Grant Program encourages institutions working in and around Ukraine to apply for funding so they can continue their efforts during this difficult time, and to lay the foundation for remembrance of the Holocaust during Ukraine’s recovery process and beyond. We are also relaunching the Professor Yehuda Bauer Grant. This grant will award funding in the amount of €50,000 to one project from anywhere in the world which aims to undertake new and significant research on the Holocaust and antisemitism, with no co-funding required

How to apply

Via the Application Portal on the IHRA website

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