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More than Accessibility: Including People with (Intellectual) Disabilities in Public History

Main stakeholder

Jan-Christian Wilkening


1 July 2023 - 10 December 2023






In accordance with the overall aim of HISTOLAB to promote innovation in history education in line with the values and standards of the Council of Europe, the HISTOLAB Fellowship aims to co-fund, research and the production of an academic article related to innovation in history education. The project outlined here is one of the emerging articles and intends to address the possibilities of inclusive historical education and research outside of schools. The focus of the considerations is on people with (intellectual) disabilities. With the help of a model, concrete suggestions will be made as to how inclusion in out-of-school education can be understood not only as a reduction of barriers, but also as participation in historical research processes. Ideas from the field of public history, disability studies, and inclusive research serve as theoretical frames of reference.

Thematic focus

Research on History Education

Museums, Memorials and Exhibitions

Media and Public Discourse

History Education for Persons with Special Needs

Inclusive History Education

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