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World Art and Memory Museum (WAMM)


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Robert Bosch Stiftung




World Art and Memory Museum (WAMM) is a virtual space for artistic expressions from around the world. We showcase modern and contemporary art related to social inclusion and the memory of human experience. WAMM brings together many different countries and contexts, featuring artists and their creative work drawn from a variety of genres in visual and digital arts. We are a museum without borders. We are a collective of countries, collectively curating and presenting our art to the world. We act as a repository of art on social inclusion and memory. Artists around the world, confronting dire situations of war and human rights violations, often find themselves struggling alone, putting their lives at risk in vocalizing their realties through their work, as their work is often seen as instigating conflicts that are ‘over and better forgotten’. They receive little support from governments, corporate industries, or even people themselves, especially, if they bring painful issues of the past to the table. We promote aesthetic appreciation and arts education. We facilitate cross-border collaborations of artistic and cultural nature.

Thematic focus

Cultural History

Intellectual History

Local History

Political History

Other Approaches

History of Migration

History of Colonialism

Histories of Authoritarian Regimes and Dictatorships

History of National Minorities

Remembrance / Collective Memory

Museums, Memorials and Exhibitions

Digital Media in History Education

Resources and Learning Materials for History Education

Teaching Sensitive Histories

Project partners

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