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Combating Holocaust Denial and Distortion through Active Citizenship, Remembrance and Education (CARE)


Main stakeholder

The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights


1 March 2024 - 28 February 2026


Croatian, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, English


A series of professional development opportunities will be offered in 2025 to teachers and other education professionals in Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Serbia. After attending 5-day seminars in each of these countries, teachers will be supported to work with their students in local history projects that involve learning, researching and involving local communities in Holocaust remembrance activities. The students will also learn to identify manifestations of Holocaust denial and distortion online and to report them. They will share their experiences of online monitoring and of local history projects in an online international conference, and will form the European Network of Young European Ambassadors for Remembrance and Active Citizenship. The most active teachers in the network, along with other education professionals from the civic sector and public administration from over 10 countries, will be invited to attend an international seminar in Lithuania in 2026, where they will share their experiences. The project champions the interdisciplinary approach developed by TOLI, in order to learn about the Holocaust and promote human rights and democratic citizenship. All the teachers who participate in this project will join the European Network of Holocaust and Human Rights Educators, which comprises over 2,000 teachers from over 10 countries. A booklet with the students’ local projects and a resource guide for teachers will be developed during the project. The project is co-funded by the European Union and is implemented in a consortium of seven organizations from Europe, local partners of The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights (TOLI)

Thematic focus

Local History

Political History

Social History

Other Approaches

Histories of Authoritarian Regimes and Dictatorships

Histories of Discrimination and Persecution

History of Anti-Semitism


Remembrance / Collective Memory

Teacher Training

Secondary Schools

Primary Schools

Other Forms of History Education

Innovative Approaches

Multi-Perspectivity in History Teaching

Transnational and International Cooperations

Resources and Learning Materials for History Education

History Didactics / Teaching Practices

Project partners

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