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Holistic Heritage is a series of podcasts which brings conversations, opinions and thoughts on heritage from Central and Eastern Europe. Katarzyna Jagodzińska and John Beauchamp talk to heritage leaders across the region and trace the most inspiring projects. Sounds from the region are brought by the Europa Nostra Heritage Hub in Krakow. Podcasts are brought twice a month: one new episode in the “Holistic Heritage” series regarding various aspects of heritage in the whole region, and the other in a series “Ukraine Heritage Spotlight” that concentrates on Ukrainian heritage. You can listen on Spotify , Simplecast , Apple Podcasts , Deezer and other audio platforms, as well as through the website Europa Nostra Heritage Hub in Krakow is a newly established outpost of international organisation Europa Nostra. It is run by one of the oldest non-governmental organisations in Poland, the Society of Friends of Kraków History and Heritage, co-funded by the European Union and the City of Kraków.

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