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Barvalipe Roma Online University is an online educational platform where Roma and non-Roma can access knowledge about the Roma identity(ies), history(ies) and culture(s) thorough a collection of high-quality lectures delivered by leading Roma scholars on topics ranging from the Roma Holocaust to Roma cultural productions. In partnership with Central European University (CEU), this project is part of ERIAC’s Roma Cultural History Initiative financed by the German Federal Foreign Office (FFO). The first course of the Barvalipe Roma Online University launched on September 1, 2020. The inaugural course, “Introduction to Roma Cultural History,” begins with the history of Romani arrival in Europe, traces Romani cultural, social, and political presence in Europe and ends with a reflection on the importance of contemporary Romani knowledge production. The second course was launched on September 21, 2021. Throughout that year, each week a new lecture was live-streamed on Facebook. Following each lecture premiere, we moderated a discussion with the lecturer and invited guests in which the audience also had a chance to ask questions. Starting with 2022, ERIAC focused on the production of educational videos in a conversational tone, that are easier to digest for larger audiences. The idea of the Barvalipe Masterclass was born from the desire for a more appealing presentation and higher-quality production. As the series continues, we will explore other aspects of Romani culture and history, including Romani poetry, art, and language. We encourage you to stay tuned for further masterclasses and to join us on this journey of discovery and appreciation.

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Cultural History

Art History

Global History

Intellectual History

Political History

Social History

Transnational History

Gender History

Histories of Discrimination and Persecution

Histories of Violence

History of Colonialism

History of Migration

History of National Minorities

History of Racism


Remembrance / Collective Memory

Research on History Education

Teacher Training

Museums, Memorials and Exhibitions

History Didactics / Teaching Practices

Inclusive History Education

Resources and Learning Materials for History Education

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