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1 June 2024




English, Serbian


The Fortunoff Video Archive will offer a fellowship to a visiting postdoctoral scholar fluent in Serbian, Croatian, or Bosnian language, with expertise in the history of Yugoslavia, Sephardic Jewish history, and a particular focus on the 20th Century history of Jews in the former Yugoslavian lands during the Holocaust. The fellowship is offered for between six months and one academic year – depending on experience, career position, and needs. For instance, a more senior scholar may require a six-month position to complement a sabbatical. Scholars and researchers from around the world are invited to apply. Preference will be given to applicants from outside the Yale community. This fellowship encourages applications from scholars in history and other fields in the humanities and social sciences who can demonstrate the value of research in the collection to their ongoing work. The fellowship start date is negotiable, but applicants must have their Ph.D. in hand prior to application. Fellows will be asked to produce two critical editions of Yugoslavian testimonies from the Fortunoff Archive collection, working closely with the Director of the Fortunoff Archive, the Archive’s Head of Academic Programs, and staff at Terraforming. A critical edition consists of an annotated transcript of the testimony in the original language and a translation in English. The annotations are conceived as a means to provide important historical and contextual information to illuminate the complexities of the unedited narrative. The critical edition will include a short essay describing the significance of this particular testimony to the fellow’s current research effort. During the fellowship, the fellow will be asked to present their research as a “work in progress” to the Yale community. This fellowship is being offered as part of a grant from the Claims Conference titled “Unlocking Survivor Testimony...".

How to apply

Applications for the postdoctoral fellowship are due June 1, 2024. Applicants are required to submit a packet with the following information: a cover letter and current curriculum vitae in English, and a letter of recommendation. Application materials may be submitted in PDF form by email to: fortunoff.archive@yale.edu A fellowship review committee will examine all valid applications and the award will be announced approximately two months after the application deadline has passed.

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