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IWalk: Hidden children, survivors of the Holocaust in Brussels


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IWalk Brussels has been developed by the House of European History learning team in collaboration with the USC Shoah Foundation’s and Zachor Foundation’s team of educators. In this first ever IWalk in Belgium, visitors will be guided through locations in Brussels using the mobile app, retracing the lives of children who survived the Holocaust — Michel, Sonia, Helene and Gilbert. Their families originated from Poland, Hungary and Romania, and were living in the Marolles and Brussels centre areas during the pre-war and occupation periods. The tour features testimonial video clips, historical images and biographical texts, combined with the real-world plaques, doors and buildings of today, allowing participants to follow the children’s harrowing journeys. IWalk Brussels is available for visitors and schools on the app as a permanent offer. After the IWalk, visitors can choose to either visit the Jewish Museum in the city centre to learn more about the local Jewish history of Brussels, or visit the House of European History, and dive into this topic even further via a dedicated tablet tour to learn about the Shoah in a transnational way. Duration: 60min Length: 2.2 km Age: 14+ Language: English App also available for download on Apple Store.

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