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VOTE: A EUROPEAN STORY. Ten elections that shaped our world

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Thematic focus

  • Cultural History
  • Gender History
  • Social History
  • Political History
  • Museums, Memorials and Exhibitions
  • Remembrance / Collective Memory
  • Europe
  • 21st Century
  • 20th Century
  • Ancient History
  • 19th Century
  • 18th Century
  • 17th Century


French, English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Irish, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Czech




Parlamentarium. Esplanade Solidarność 1980 Rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60, 1047 Brussels, Belgium


13 March 2024 - 16 June 2024


In June 2024, citizens from all European Union Member States will be called to elect their representatives to the European Parliament. It will be the 10th time such elections have been held since the first direct election to the European Parliament in 1979. It is therefore a fitting occasion to reflect on how Europe’s supranational democracy has unfolded, from the origins of democratic participation on the continent to the step-by-step building of a true European polity. This time travel is not just an opportunity to get acquainted with things past, but also a way of helping you make an informed choice at the polling station! Democracy is vital; your say is crucial.


Jean Monnet House, House of European History, Parlamentarium