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Anastasia Protopsalti2 MA's


1st Model Junior and Senior High School Athens

Top skills

  • Research, History Education
  • Professional Development, History Education
  • Project Management, History Education

Fields of expertise

  • Cultural History
  • Global History
  • Local History
  • Political History
  • Social History
  • History of Anti-Semitism
  • Histories of Wars and Warfare
  • History of Migration
  • History of National Minorities
  • History of Racism
  • Holocaust
  • Remembrance / Collective Memory


  • Teaching
  • Consultation
  • Research
  • Cooperation

Looks for

  • Cooperation
  • Contributions
  • Consultation
  • Project Partners
  • Job opportunities
  • Speakers/Lecturers/Educators

About me

Teaching history in Greece is like going back 20-30 years in terms of pedagogy and didactics. The textbooks are outdated, you have to go through the whole material in the book, which is of course not effective. There is no time to go into depth anywhere and the worst thing about the history curriculum is that it never covers the Second World War and the history that followed it, which was so important for Greece. This shortcoming and the emerging threat of far-right ideologies led me, as a Teacher for German and history teacher, to set up a working group at the high school and lyceum to deal with various facets of this period. The basic aim is to explore this period with the students and also to familiarise them with various places associated with it. New: HISTOLAB Award for Innovative School Projects in History Education 2024


  • Greek
  • German
  • English



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I was a researcher in history from 1994 to 2004 and a teacher teaching history and German since 2008.

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