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BESSET Jean-LucMaster degree

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  • Research, History Education
  • Consulting on History Education Projects
  • Professional Development, History Education
  • Project Management, History Education

Fields of expertise

  • Cultural History
  • Intellectual History
  • Transnational History
  • Political History
  • Military History
  • Remembrance / Collective Memory
  • Histories of Wars and Warfare


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About me

As a History professor and CEO of Ever.li, I combine my passion for history and education with my expertise in artificial intelligence and digital humanities. I have over years of experience leading a team of developers, historians, and educators to create a historical mobile application that connects the past with the present and the future.


  • French
  • English



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As a History Professor at Paul Langevin High School in La Seyne-sur-Mer, Var, France since September 2021, I have been actively engaged in teaching History, Geography, Geopolitics, and Law, with a specific focus on addressing major issues in the contemporary world. Founding Ever.li History mobile app since March 2020, I demonstrated my entrepreneurial skills by overseeing specification development, project management, and content creation. This app is an historical mobile application, from Antiquity to the present day, in all fields, on a global level and relying on experts, professors, universities etc. It contains over 18 categories, 45,000 events, each with location, image, audio summary, selection of videos, podcasts and online resources, gathered in 1,600 stories (ex: impressionism, 1st world war, Roman empire etc.) My role as a Consultant in Digital History at Stanford University, during my Years in San Francisco involved developing a mobile app in collaboration with History professor Clayborne Carson. I played a key role in the digital strategy for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute archives, creating an innovative digital timeline on the life of Reverend King and the African-American struggle for freedom and equality. Serving as a Senior Export at the History News Network in the USA, I managed connections between French databases, demonstrating my ability to bridge international collaborations. Directing Live2times, I led the development of a temporal immersion website and marketed "temporal walls" to businesses, specializing in history, brand history, and business history. I have designed and created the CD-Rom "Israel-Palestine, Battles for Peace." (UNESCO awarded) with Eli Barnani (history professor at Tel Aviv, former ambassador of Israel to France) and Elias Sanbar (Palestinian ambassador to UNESCO, editor of Palestinian Studies magazine).

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