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Aljula JubaniFull Professor


University of Tirana

Top skills

  • Research, History Education
  • Consulting on History Education Projects
  • Advocacy of good practices in history education

Fields of expertise

  • Cultural History
  • Social History
  • Political History
  • Intellectual History
  • Histories of Authoritarian Regimes and Dictatorships
  • History of History Education
  • Remembrance / Collective Memory


  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Consultation
  • Cooperation

Looks for

  • Cooperation
  • Project Partners

About me

Prof. dr. Aljula Jubani is the Director of the Institute for European Studies at the University of Tirana. She has earned a Ph.D. in Linguistics and Philology from the University of Calabria, Italy, and has been recognized with honors, such as the prestigious "Pro Ecclesia and Pontefice" Medal (Egregia Opera Stvdioque Conspicvis Praecipve Constitvtvm) by Pope Francis in 2021. Her diverse academic and administrative engagements include serving as Vice-Dean of the Faculty of History and Philology and Head of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Tirana. Her international experience includes a teaching position at UNICAL, Italy, and participation in projects, seminars, and workshops across Europe. The research interests of prof. Jubani include experimental phonetics, and other fields of linguistics such as gender & linguistics, the history of the dictatorship in Albanian, political linguistics, religious studies, cultural heritage, Albanian diaspora (arbëresh, arvanitas, arbënesh), etc. In addition to her academic contributions, Prof. Jubani has edited several books and authored works that contribute to the understanding of Albanian language and culture. Beyond her academic contributions, she has engaged in projects related to information literacy, interethnic communication in the Balkans, and ethno-socio-linguistic studies, showcasing her commitment to the education, research, and the promotion of Albanian language and culture at both national and international levels.


  • Albanian
  • English
  • Italian



Background information

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"Language and dictatorship − the case of Albanian”, Symposium „Pluricentric Albanian“ Humboldt- University Berlin, in cooperation with Southeast Europe Association, Date: 12-13 January 2017, Venue: Main Building, Unter den Linden 6, Room 2070a 12 January 2017 Bernardin Palaj - martirizimi i njeriut dhe i kontributit të tij shkencor, Konferencë shkencore “Gjurmime albanologjike ...” (Hulumtime për ndihmesat e disa albanologëve për kulturën shqiptare). 2 qershor, 2017, Shkodër “Beyond war, through peace: the vision of the martyrs of the Albanian Catholic Church”, Congress "Catholics and war and peace", 25-26 Novenmbre 2022, Academy of Social and Media Culture Torun, Poland


Expert engaged by the Authority for the Information on the Files of the Secret Services in Albania Editor of 7 books of victims of the Communist Dictatorship in Albania

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