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Top skills

  • Advocacy of good practices in history education
  • Professional Development, History Education
  • Project Management, History Education

Fields of expertise

  • Cultural History
  • Art History
  • Global History
  • History of Anti-Semitism
  • History of National Minorities
  • History of Racism
  • Holocaust
  • International Organisations Work on History Education
  • Remembrance / Collective Memory


  • Teaching
  • Consultation
  • Cooperation

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About us

Organization Education for the 21st Century, established in 2011,is an association committed to reshaping education for the 21st century by fostering connectivity among all stakeholders within the educational sector. Our primary mission is to foster innovation in education while facilitating meaningful connections among all stakeholders in the sector. Edu21's core activities revolve around the continuous development of both educators and students, the initiation of impactful youth-oriented projects, and the promotion of international collaboration with kindred professional organizations specializing in education and cultural heritage. Edu21 maintains a steadfast presence as a permanent member of the EuroClio Association of History Educators, an international organization headquartered in The Hague.


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