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Recommendation 1111 (1989) - European dimension of education

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe   •   1989

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(Assembly debate on 22 September 1989 (12th Sitting) (see Doc. 6113, report of the Committee on Culture and Education, Rapporteur : Mr Bassinet). Text adopted by the Assembly on 22 September 1989 (12th Sitting).) The Assembly emphasizes the importance of incorporating the European dimension in education to foster mutual understanding and democratic citizenship. It refers to various conventions and resolutions stressing the need for education to impart essential values and knowledge, such as respect for human rights, democracy, and cultural diversity. The Assembly recognizes the significance of teaching history, geography, and modern languages but suggests expanding this approach to subjects like economics, environmental education, the visual arts, music, and the sciences. It also calls for greater use of information technologies in promoting international school links and recommends collaboration with entities beyond the formal education system, like media and tourism, to enhance awareness of the European dimension in education.


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