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Meeting of the Working Group on “Meeting of Experts on History Teaching –Japan and the Russian Federation" (Tokyo, 25-27 October 2000)

Council of Europe   •   2000

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The Meeting of Experts on History Teaching between Japan and the Russian Federation, organized by the International Society for Educational Information (ISEI) of Japan and the Council of Europe in Tokyo from October 25-27, 2000, aimed to discuss the teaching of Russian and Japanese histories in secondary schools, analyze the development of new history textbooks in both countries, and plan future cooperation. These discussions began in 1998, and the meetings represented an effort to foster better mutual understanding of each country's history and culture, move beyond focusing solely on wars and conflicts, and promote internationalization and cooperation in education. Participants emphasized the importance of including themes of cooperation and culture in history textbooks and strengthening ties of mutual understanding between Russia and Japan.


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