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"Learning and Teaching about the History of Europe in the 20th Century in Secondary Schools" (Seminar Report, 11-13 December 1997)

Robert Stradling   •   Council of Europe   •   1997

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This seminar marked the initiation of the Council of Europe's project on "Learning and teaching about the history of Europe in the 20th Century in Secondary Schools." Attended by 40 participants from Eastern and Central European countries, other parts of Europe, and international organizations, the project aims to engage secondary school students in the recent history of Europe and provide practical guidance to curriculum developers, textbook authors, and history teachers. The project's objectives include fostering an understanding of 20th-century European history, appreciating its richness and diversity, and equipping students with skills and attitudes essential for democratic pluralist societies. The seminar addressed findings from a study on history textbook presentations, curriculum approaches, innovative teaching methods, and potential case studies. It laid the groundwork for guidelines and a handbook for teachers and the development of teaching materials on specific themes and geographical areas within 20th-century European history.


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