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Curriculum Development and Review for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

Felisa Tibbits   •   UNESCO, Council of Europe, OSCE-ODIHR, Organisation of American States   •   2015

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English, French, Russian


The publication analyses current education on democratic citizenship and human rights as provided by ministries and departments of education in numerous countries. The resource aims to enhance the quality of democratic citizenship and human rights curricula by sharing key steps and examples of curriculum policy development through case studies. The resources specifically focuses on the curriculum planning elements of human rights and democratic citizenship topics and complements other resources developed by partner institutions. These additional materials provide guidance on various aspects of education in human rights and democratic citizenship efforts within schooling systems, such as educational objectives, teaching methodologies, teacher training, textbook writing, and school development. While none of these resources offers a formula for undertaking such processes, each serves as a roadmap for navigating key decisions in the context of educating on democratic citizenship and human rights.


Democratic Citizenship Education

Human Rights Education