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An online exhibition on Instagram containing 12 stories about the people with Jew origin who survived the Holocaust and made a huge impact on Culture of Serbia, which is part of a bigger project. The biographies are of the following persons: Stanislav Vinaver, Ludvig Frišveld, Isidor Papo, Ženi Lebl, Ida Sabo, Oto Bihalji Merin, Đorđe Lebović, Eva Panić Nahir, Rahela Ferari, Frida Filipović, Rafailo Blam, Riki Levi. This project involved students from the III, XIII and XIV Belgrade gymnasiums. It is guided by Dušica Biševac, history teacher, Maja Keskinov, philosophy teacher and Zorana Matićević, sociology teacher and has been supported by a project grant of the Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights (TOLI).


Holocaust education


Jewish history

Riki Levi


Stanislav Vinaver

Ludvig Frišveld

Isidor Papo

Ženi Lebl

Ida Sabo

Đorđe Lebović

Eva Panić Nahir

Rahela Ferari

Frida Filipović

Rafailo Blam

Oto Bihalji Merin