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A self-funded organization affiliated with the Department of History at Brown University.   •   1989

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Mission The Choices Program creates engaging educational resources and makes innovative scholarship accessible to diverse classrooms. Choices curriculum empowers students to understand the relationship between history and current issues while developing the analytical skills to become thoughtful global citizens. What We Do The Choices Program is a self-funded organization affiliated with the Department of History at Brown University. We work to increase access to high-quality curriculum content and strengthen education about history and current events in secondary schools in the United States and beyond. In order to accomplish this, we collaborate with leading scholars to develop curriculum materials and provide teacher professional development. Our Work • Relies on up-to-date historiography; • Tells an inclusive, responsible history, while also encouraging students to challenge and grapple with this history in the ways that historians do; • Provides teachers with high-quality, carefully researched curriculum content that is used in all levels of high school classrooms and some middle schools as well as in some introductory level college courses.


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