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A look at our past

Association for Historical Dialogue and Research & Council of Europe   •   Council of Europe   •   2011

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English, Greek, Turkish


A Look at our Past is a set of supplementary teaching and learning materials for school history prepared by teachers and teacher trainers in Cyprus with the help of Council of Europe experts. The writing team combines expertise in materials preparation, teacher training, classroom practice and assessment of learning and teaching. Writing has been undertaken after in-depth seminars with Cypriot teachers on the relevant topics. The whole set of materials has been peer reviewed and tested by a further group of Cypriot teachers, representative of all communities in Cyprus. The learning materials are topic based and are intended to be used alongside other learning materials and textbooks for history. There are nine topics; each topic is presented as a set of Source Cards and Activity Cards for pupils along with additional Teacher Notes. For ease of use each topic is colour coded. ‘A Look at our Past’ does not constitute a whole course; it provides insights into some chosen topics at chosen times. The learning materials have been written in such a way as to encourage teachers to adapt them and extend them. They may be used as a model for teachers to construct further materials on other topics. The overall design and construction of the materials has been undertaken with a view to both pupils and teachers enjoying engaging with the past.


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