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Project “The Image of the Other in History Teaching”. Seminar "Contact and interaction: the image of the Muslim world in history learning in Europe" (Strasbourg 9-10 October 2006)

Council of Europe   •   2006

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The Council of Europe's Steering Committee for Education initiated a project called "The image of the other in history teaching" from 2006 to 2009 as part of their efforts to promote intercultural dialogue. This project was in response to directives from the Third Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Council of Europe and the Faro Declaration on developing intercultural dialogue. It also builds upon previous work on history teaching. The project has three main objectives: Develop general guidelines for history teaching policies within the context of intercultural dialogue. Propose strategies, methods, and tools to implement these guidelines effectively. Provide training not only for history teachers but also for other individuals involved in history education. To address the challenges of history teaching in increasingly diverse cultural, social, and religious contexts, the project identified three main areas of focus: Understanding multiple images, shared destinies, and history learning in multicultural societies. Examining images of others and ourselves in the context of globalization. Analyzing the image of the other in conflict situations and how learning different histories can help rebuild trust. The project involves three European conferences to discuss each of these themes, with the first conference in 2007 focusing on multiple images, shared destinies, and history learning in multicultural societies. Expert seminars were conducted to prepare for these conferences, such as the one titled "Contact and interaction: the image of the Muslim world in history learning in Europe." The seminar aimed to discuss concepts and strategies related to this theme and explored how the Muslim world is portrayed in school and cultural contexts. The project seeks to involve experts, institutions, and international organizations in these discussions and initiatives to improve history education within the framework of intercultural dialogue. This document provides a summary of the discussions held during a seminar that involved 27 experts. The seminar aimed to foster a comprehensive approach to history learning and included participants not only from the education sector but also from media, museums, and the broader cultural field. Specialists in non-formal and out-of-school education, as well as representatives from relevant international organizations, the North-South Centre, and the Youth Directorate, also contributed to the discussions. Detailed participant and agenda information can be found in the appendices of this document. Additional papers submitted by participants are available in a separate document


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