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History teaching in schools in the North Caucasus. Seminar report

Lyudmila Aleksashkina   •   Council of Europe   •   2003

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This publication discusses the importance of incorporating history teaching in secondary schools as part of a Joint Programme of Cooperation between the European Commission and the Council of Europe, which aims to strengthen democratic stability in the North Caucasus region. The document outlines several key priorities for this cooperation program, including defining the goals of history education, selecting and interpreting historical materials, promoting a dialogue between teachers and students, improving textbooks and teaching methods, and enhancing the training of history teachers. The publication reflects on the collaborative efforts carried out from 2001 to 2002, involving various stakeholders such as the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, and educational authorities from multiple regions in Russia. It emphasizes the need to address common challenges in history education, foster reconciliation, mutual understanding, and tolerance, and encourages the use of modern teaching methods and diverse historical sources. The document also suggests creating a common textbook and documentary materials for the history and culture of North Caucasus peoples and the establishment of a regional association of history teachers. Overall, the publication highlights the positive outcomes of the cooperation program and outlines prospects for improving history teaching in secondary schools in the Russian Federation.


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