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Recommendation Rec(2000)24 - Development of European Studies for Democratic Citizenship

Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe   •   2000

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This document, Recommendation Rec(2000)24 by the Committee of Ministers to member states, focuses on the development of European Studies for democratic citizenship. It emphasizes the importance of European Studies in promoting democratic values, fostering mutual understanding among Europeans, and enhancing European integration. The recommendation calls on governments of member states to draw inspiration from the general principles outlined in the document, assist in the application of the proposed measures, and ensure that European Studies are disseminated widely. It also highlights the interdisciplinary nature of European Studies and their role in preserving cultural and civic characteristics, all while adapting to the diverse needs and demands of students, public opinion, and the labor market. Furthermore, it encourages the promotion of academic exchanges and international cooperation in the field of European Studies.


Council of Europe

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