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The “Transnational History Education and Co-operation Laboratory – HISTOLAB” is a Joint Project between the European Union and the Council of Europe. It aims at supporting innovation in the field of history education with a view of making it a more useful tool in strengthening our democracies. HISTOLAB facilitates the co-operation between different stakeholders in the field of history education with the aim of amplifying the values and recommendations of the Council of Europe with regard to history education and promote their implementation through teaching practices. HISTOLAB encourages the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and expertise across professions in the field of history education, namely practitioners (such as teachers, museologists), academics, and policymakers in order to move the needle in the debate on history education by including multiple professional perspectives. HISTOLAB also focuses on the exchange of expertise and good practices between professionals from different countries. In doing so, HISTOLAB not only reflects on, identifies, and promotes good practices in history education, but also provides ample opportunities for professional development and networking. Young researchers and professionals working in history education are encouraged to both advance their knowledge and offer new perspectives of their own, through the HISTOLAB Fellowship and Innovation Days. Besides the digital hub HISTOLAB organises the following activities: • The European Innovation Days in History Education: an annual event which will focus on the future of history teaching; • The HISTOLAB Award for innovative ideas and projects in schools • The HISTOLAB Fellowship for doctoral students and history educators on a research sabbatical; • A series of events to present innovative initiatives and expertise. • A toolkit to debunk fake news in history classes

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EuroClio - European Association of History Educators Details
FEDE - Federation for European Education Details
Leibniz Institute for Educationl Media / Georg-Eckert-Institute Details
House of European History Details
ISHD - International Society for History Didactics Details
Observatory on History Teaching in Europe Details

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